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Welcome to the Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians website. Unsung Story is a rich, diverse Tactical RPG with a refreshing, immersive new take on the tactics genre. Be a part of this special team and help us create the game you have been waiting to play!


Although our Kickstarter has ended, you still have the opportunity to be a part of this incredible team. We are taking in donations to help with the development of Unsung Story. Visit our Donate page and join the team today!


Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is the evolution of the Tactical RPG genre. Playdek is excited to be partnering with one of the most legendary game designers, as well as you the fans, to bring out a refreshing, immersive new take on the tactics genre.

Game Play Overview

Unsung Story is an exciting turn-based, tactical war simulation RPG that plays across a great epoch, through individual story episodes. YOU, the player, research and explore the vast history of this conflict that nearly tore Rasfalia apart, by reliving past battles and political events.

Your viewpoint into this series of intertwined history varies from battle to battle. In one fight, you may command a group of knights protecting a great empire, while in another scenario you may lead a group of revolutionary soldiers, made up of commoners, who are fighting to topple the same empire!

Battles take place on a 3-D landscape, with an immersive player controlled camera, while episode and scene selection is made through a detailed 3-D world map. Units that you command are profession based, and within each profession are multiple classes.

Each class within a profession has certain characteristics, and you can change classes within a profession to suit your tactical needs! The world is also rich with magical creatures that are not only foes on the battlefield, but under certain conditions can be commanded by you as well!

The character professions, replete with individual classes, provide you with deep game mechanics that you can mold to your individual play style, and adapt to the scenario at hand. You will build your front and backlines by combing these classes into various groups or parties, based on the needs of the battlefield.

Here is a visual look into the game from a game play perspective. The battle system forUnsung Story is a turn based system that puts importance on speed for each units actions. Therefore, faster units will act on their turns first. The image below represents an example battle stage, as seen by the player, with the player’s party in blue and the opposing force in red. All of the world stages will be richly modeled and detailed, with various terrains and elevations.

Instead of a square tile system, Unsung Story will use triangular tiles, with units standing not at the center of tiles, but at the intersections. This gives units six possible directions of movement.

This image below depicts different target choices for the player in this triangular based system. In this example, the Active unit has three options:

1) Use attack “X” on the adjacent Enemy A
2) Use attack “Y” on Enemy B, two tiles away
3) Use defense “Z” to aid the adjacent Ally C

The attack radius shown above is a radius of 2, in other words. A, B, and C are all within the acting unit’s range. A and C are well within range, and B is at the edge of the range.The purpose of this system is to explore what more can be presented to the player, by way of multiple action choices, while having a consistent six possible direction choices available to them.

This is a concept of what the look and feel will be as you play through the game. It’s not an in-game render but hopefully helps to convey some of the level of detail that we will put into the game.


Your Call to Action

Now is the time that we are turning to you, our fans and our friends, to help us shape this game into the game we have all been waiting for. We realize that we aren’t just creating the game of our dreams but of your dreams also. By becoming a partner with the Unsung Story team you will secure your position as a valuable collaborator on this exciting adventure we want to share with you.  We are taking pledges from fans like you to help us recapture the essence of classic RPG tactics gaming and build the game of OUR dreams.

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