Thank you for wanting to help make Unsung Story the game we all want to play! We have these select Kickstarter packages form our Kickstarter campaign available to join the team! It’s never too late to join!

But make sure you join now as these packages and add-ons will only be available to 2 weeks! After that we will change out the packages and you won’t be able to receive these specific packages so make sure you jump on this deal now before it leaves!

Unfortunately you will need to make a new transaction for each item you purchase, however we are working to streamline this process for the future.

Thank you again for your support because without you and others like you Unsung Story would not be possible!

Unsung Story

Add-ons Available

Have you already backed a reward tier on Kickstarter but missed out on some specific add-ons? Or are you just a collector looking to add to your collection, or a gamer looking to enhance your copy of Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians? Then check out these add-ons just for you!

Unsung Story Character Art

Special Kickstarter Edition Character Package (all 4 characters) – $15
Characters you will receive are the War Mage, Ballast Knight, Polearm Knight, and Aerolest. All four characters will come with a special skin and a special weapon.

Digital Soundtrack – $8

Digital Strategy Guide – $20

Digital Art Book – $10

Don’t want to purchase anything but still want to help out Unsung Story? Then click on this button to donate! You can choose to pitch in any amount you’d like. Thank you!

Risks and Challenges

Video game development entails risk. All developers are daredevils at heart BUT we do all we can to lessen the risk. Like starting with an amazing idea, partnering with one of the greatest designers in the history of the industry, throwing in fantastic music and features, then run it all through a developer with a solid track record of performance on every major video game console… You get the idea.

But of course, delays and feature creep are key among the risks in any game development project, and we’d better be upfront about that. Believe it or not, developers wanting to add more is a major source of project creep, and that always stems from the best intentions: to bring the best game to the players. With the impassioned support of you, the players, we might indeed feel empowered to do better, add more, and continuing tinkering with an aspect until we feel it is “just right”. It’s a risk we’re willing to take, though. We should also mention that the approval process for these platforms is outside of Playdek’s control and might be subject to surprises. We have all been to the rodeo before, but each time it’s uniquely exciting.

Estimated Delivery Date: July 2015